About Us


A friendly local game store is an oasis.  Whatever else may be going on in your life, you can always walk through those doors and find something awesome to entertain yourself.


Unfortunately, not all of us have a friendly local game store to which we can go. Maybe you moved to a new town and found out that the closest game store is an hour-plus drive away, or maybe your local shop isn’t friendly in the slightest and smells like week-old roadkill on even the best days.  The reasons vary, but the end result is the same: a distinct lack of sweet, sweet gaming in your life.


Believe me, I know.  After years of being unable to hit the local shops due to a combination of child-wrangling duties and various other hurdles, coupled with never being able to find a reliable place online with a good selection for all my gaming needs, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and open up my own store.  (Hey, if you want something done right…)


My goal is to make Strigis Games the go-to friendly game store for people who either don’t have or can’t go to a game store in their area.   We may not be local, but we’re only as far away as your nearest internet-enabled device and we deliver right to your doorstep, plus you never have to worry about dropping by only to be greeted by a “Sorry We’re Closed” sign, so we have that working in our favor, too.  Go us!


Most importantly, I want you to feel like Strigis Games is your place, too.  If you don’t see your favorite RPG series or that hot new card game you’ve been meaning to check out, let us know!  We do plenty of special orders for customers, and if there’s enough interest in a particular game we’ll add it to our lineup.  And if you ever have any questions about anything or you just feel like chatting, you can get in touch with us either via our contact form or by leaving a reply on our Facebook page.


Thank you for dropping by, and come back soon!


-Matthew Heuett

Owner, Strigis Games